Millersville University is located in Lancaster County, an area rich in scenic beauty and historic sites. Recognized as the center of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture, Lancaster County also offers a wide range of cultural, recreational and career opportunities. Because the campus is within easy access of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and New York City, Millersville students may additionally enjoy the benefits of those major cities.

Airport, railroad, and major highway connections lie on the north side of the city of Lancaster.

Millersville is southwest of the city of Lancaster. Major shopping is north of Lancaster at the Park City Center, with bus service between Millersville and Park City. The major tourist attractions of the area are east of Lancaster, along with outlet shopping. The countryside from Millersville west to the Susquehanna river is predominantly farmland.

The physics department is in Roddy Hall, at the eastern end of Frederick street in Millersville. In the more detailed map showing the Millersville University campus, Roddy Hall is approximately under the "v" in the word University.

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