Chemistry Engineering Instrumentation Automation

Degree: B.S.

Millersville University offers a unique program that blends chemistry, instrumentation and robotics to develop in-demand skills for engineering solutions in chemical analysis laboratories.

Why Study this Program?

Chemical analysis and instrumentation plays an important role in modern chemistry. Automation of the control of instruments is increasingly being accomplished using robotics. Students who both understand chemistry and robotics will be well-prepared to take advantage of this shifting trend.

This program is focused on using, controlling and improving instruments for chemical analysis and interpreting/analyzing data. Many chemistry employment opportunities exist in analytical laboratories or graduate school where sophisticated instrumentation is used extensively. This option maintains a core chemistry curriculum and supplements the chemistry knowledge content with industrial electronics, control systems and robotics. Students who pursue this option will be well prepared for positions where instrumentation and analysis play a key role.

What Will You Learn?

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with an option in Engineering Instrumentation Automation will have foundational knowledge in hands-on chemical instrumentation and analysis that will be enhanced by the applied engineering and robotics experience in troubleshooting and problem-solving. This option is a unique learning experience available at Millersville due to the collaboration between the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Applied Engineering Safety and Technology. The dual knowledge base in both chemistry and industrial robotics allows graduates of this option to not only use instruments to analyze chemical samples, but also to troubleshoot, modify and design new instrumentation controls.