Degree: B.S.

Focus your study of chemistry on an increasingly in-demand field by enrolling in Millersville University's American Chemistry Society (ACS) approved Nanotechnology program.

Why Study This Program?

Nanotechnology is an increasingly in-demand field that works to control materials at very small dimensions to make smaller, cheaper and better products. Millersville University is one of the few universities in Pennsylvania that awards an American Chemistry Society (ACS) approved Bachelor of Science degree with an option in Nanotechnology.

This program, a concentration within the Chemistry major, includes courses that give students a strong background in chemistry in addition to electives in nanotechnology and other sciences. Nanotechnology courses will equip you with specific skills and knowledge in the study and control of matter at atomic or near-atomic scales. 

Graduates of MU's Nanotechnology program receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Chemistry with an option in Nanotechnology.

What Will You Learn?

Students enrolled in Millersville University's Nanotechnology program take a mixture of courses focused on organic and inorganic chemistry, and the physical, analytical and environmental aspects of this field. As part of the current program, students spend a semester at Penn State University Park Campus to gain practical experience in nanofabrication and use their clean room facilities.

Students are also required to take 12 credits worth of calculus courses and 10 credits worth of physics courses. Students are granted full use of the chemistry department's eight fully-equipped instructional labs.