Degree: B.S.

The Pre-Pharmacy program will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to enroll directly into a Doctor of Pharmacy program during your fourth year at Millersville University.

Why Study This Program?

Get a head start on your journey to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy with Millersville University's Pre-Pharmacy program. This program, a concentration within the Chemistry major, is designed to allow students to complete their bachelor and doctorate programs in seven years. 

Your journey will start with three years in MU's chemistry department, which will ground your scientific understanding with a comprehensive study of chemistry through research, analysis and presentation. 

Students will then enroll in a four-year Pharmacy doctorate degree program at the pharmacy school of their choice. Upon successful completion of the first-year pharmacy program coursework, MU will accept a professional block of 19 credits, which will be the basis for awarding a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Chemistry with an option in Pre-Pharmacy.

What Will You Learn?

Students enrolled in Millersville University's Pre-Pharmacy program take a mixture of courses focused on organic and inorganic chemistry, and the physical, analytical and environmental aspects of this field. Equipped with the skills and knowledge developed in the classroom, you will conclude your coursework simultaneously with your first year in a Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Students are also required to take 12 credits worth of calculus courses and 10 credits worth of physics courses. Students are granted full use of the chemistry department's eight fully-equipped instructional labs.