Degree: B.S.

Millersville University's Biochemistry major provides students with a valuable background in chemistry and biology alongside a flexible science elective field that allows for a personally tailored education.

Why Study This Program?

Millersville University is one of the few universities in Pennsylvania that awards an American Chemistry Society (ACS) approved Bachelor of Science degree with an option in Biochemistry. The program provides students with a basic background in chemistry and biology as well as a flexible science elective block that allows them to pursue a number of areas of interest upon graduation.

Students may also elect to participate in the Cooperative Education Program during their course of study. This opportunity affords invaluable practical on-the-job experience, as well as earning college credits and a salary. The career opportunities available in biochemistry are many and diverse.

A minor in this field is also available.

What Will You Learn?

Students enrolled in Millersville University's Biochemistry major take a mixture of courses focused on organic and inorganic chemistry, and the physical, analytical and environmental aspects of this field. Students are also required to take 12 credits worth of calculus courses and 10 credits worth of physics courses. Students are granted full use of the chemistry department's eight fully-equipped instructional labs. 

Rigorous and demanding, this major will prepare students for further education beyond the college level including medical schools, pharmacy schools and forensic chemistry programs, which is something most students in this field go on to pursue.