Dual MSW/MEd in Sport Management

This degree program will provide an understanding of the need of social workers in athletic settings, give students knowledge of the social factors affecting athletes of all levels, develop skills to administer and develop athletic programs or facilities and discuss current perceptions of student athletes. Graduates will also gain an increase awareness of the issues regarding athletes and sport management, provide an awareness of opportunities for policy adjustments and applications of research findings, and will highlight social work values and ethics in examining the issues of professional and amateur athletes as they relate to race, ethnicity, national origin, class, gender, physical or mental disability, mental illness, and age.

Why Study this Program?

Students will learn emerging trends in working with athletes of all levels, in clinical and counseling settings and will gain knowledge and skills related to athletic programs and/or venue management. Students will also have the opportunity to develop methodologies for working with athletes in a number of areas, such as career counseling, life skills development, substance abuse prevention, advocacy, recruitment and transitioning to a post athletic career.

What Will You Learn?

Students will understand the emerging trends in social work and sports management that point to this need to include mental health awareness in athletics. Students will conduct and become aware of research related to the issues athletes face on and off the playing field, specifically in the fields of mental health and trauma. A program combined with Social Work and Sports Management will allow students to obtain a firm grounding in both disciplines, along with the ability to secure practicums or internships in either profession.