Exploratory Program (Undecided)

Millersville University's Exploratory Program provides students with the resources and ability to research a variety of majors while still being able to complete undergraduate requirements in order to graduate on time.

Why Study This Program?

The Exploratory Program, housed in the Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development, is intended for students who are unsure which major they want to pursue, or who may have narrowed down their options to a few possibilities but have not yet made a final decision.

In the Exploratory Program, students with undeclared majors can take general education courses that work toward requirements, while exploring majors until they find the right fit. In addition to one-on-one interactions with an assigned adviser, the student may explore a variety of majors by taking general education courses or open electives in an area of interest, researching programs the University offers and completing self-assessments on what they want out of a college education.

At Millersville, we’re here to encourage you to graduate on time while giving you the opportunity to explore a variety of interests to match your passions and skills with a major. The resources described here will help you do just that. The program gives you flexibility to change direction if necessary. Entering college in the Exploratory Program doesn’t mean you’ll be here longer; it just means your path to graduation may be a little different, but just as fulfilling!

What Will You Learn?

Exploratory students will begin their education by completing general education requirements and a First-Year Experience Seminar. The general education curriculum helps well-rounded individuals prepare for the real world through cultivating students’ intellect to reason logically, think critically, express themselves clearly and to foster an understanding of the human condition and the role of value judgments in the human experience. The First-Year Seminar helps first-year students transition from high school to University life and provides a first-semester home base for students, helping them build a foundation of life and college skills. In the classroom, students engage in critical thinking, research and writing to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

As an Exploratory student, you will be assigned an academic adviser who is trained to work with students on course selection, campus involvement, student services and major exploration through student directed assessment of strengths and interests. Our advisers strive to know students individually and learn about their personal journey and unique interests, aptitudes and abilities. Advisers are a wealth of knowledge to help you with your transition at Millersville. Advisers take interest in their students’ experiences, achievements and accomplishments on campus. In short, your adviser won’t tell you what to do – rather, they will listen, make suggestions and guide you along the way.