Millersville Exploratory Program: Discovery Your Passion; Graduate on Time

Millersville University is one of the best colleges for undecided majors. Our exploratory program, housed in the Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development, will provide you with the resources you need to research a variety of majors while completing the necessary undergraduate requirements to graduate on time.

If you do not yet know which major you want to pursue — or if you have narrowed down your options but have not yet made a final decision — our exploratory program allows you to take general education courses that fulfill many requirements while exploring majors to find the right fit.

You will work one-on-one with an assigned advisor, explore majors through general education courses and electives, research programs we offer and complete a self-assessment to help you discover what you want out of a college education.

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Why Study in Our Exploratory Program

What makes us one of the best colleges for undecided majors? We encourage you to explore a variety of interests to help you match your passion and skills with a major — all while graduating on time.

Our exploratory program gives you direction and allows you to shift gears, if necessary. Entering Millersville with an exploratory major does not mean you will be here longer; it just means your path to graduation may be a little different — but just as fulfilling.

What Will You Learn With an Exploratory Major?

With an exploratory major, you will begin your education by completing general education requirements and the First-Year Experience Seminar.

Our general education curriculum will help you become a well-rounded individual prepared for the real world by cultivating your intellect to reason logically, think critically, express yourself clearly and to foster an understanding of the human condition and the role of value judgments in the human experience.

The First-Year Seminar helps you transition from high school to university life and provides a first-semester home base, helping you build a foundation of life and college skills. In the classroom, you will engage in critical thinking, research and writing to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

Exceptional Experiences: Exploratory Program

Personalized Advising

As an exploratory program student, you will be assigned an academic adviser who is trained to work with you on course selection, campus involvement, student services and major exploration through student directed assessment of strengths and interests. Our advisers strive to know you individually and learn about your personal journey and unique interests, aptitudes and abilities. Advisers are a wealth of knowledge to help you with your transition at Millersville. Advisers take interest in their students’ experiences, achievements and accomplishments on campus. In short, your adviser won’t tell you what to do – rather, they will listen, make suggestions and guide you along the way.


We are located just minutes away from Lancaster City, a hub for theater, arts and culture. You will find restaurants and galleries, including the Ware Center and the Regitz Gallery.

If you love the outdoors, we have a number of recreation spaces, including trails for walking, hiking or biking and water sports on the Susquehanna River. There is no shortage of spots to swim, cave and hang out near the Ville.

Small Classes

Our student to faculty ratio is 17:1, which means our class sizes are small. At Millersville, you won’t be lost in the crowd. Your professors will know your name and will help you succeed in your courses and get career ready.

“You can study a variety of subjects which allows you to gain a more holistic learning experience which I think is incredibly beneficial when entering the workforce.”

- Leah Miksa | '24