Degree: B.S.

Millersville University's Pre-Optometry program puts students on track to enter the eye-related health profession within seven years. 

Why Study This Program?

Enter the optometry profession, a medical field focused on eye care, through Millersville University's Pre-Optometry program. The Optometry program is a cooperative option between MU and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO). Students complete three years of undergraduate work at Millersville and then transfer to PCO for the first year of study in a doctoral program.

Students who complete their first year with good grades receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology degree with an option in Pre-Optometry from Millersville University. Three additional years at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry will earn students a Doctor of Optometry degree.

“I loved my time at Millersville as it gave me the foundation for all of my sciences, including topics that were tested on my first part of National Boards. Without Millersville, I would not have the knowledge, connections, friends, or support systems I have now. I look fondly back on my time at MU and will continue to support the 3+4 accelerated program for years to come.”

- Emily Cardone | 2015

What Will You Learn?

Pre-Optometry students follow a broad, interdisciplinary approach to general biology studies, before focusing more intensely with experiential training at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. You will build a foundation of knowledge in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and psychology at MU before moving on to the clinical aspect of this program.