Principalship Certification

Progress through a unique course of study catered to your previous education and experiences in pursuit of a Principalship certification based on Pennsylvania Department of Education standards.

Why Study This Program?

The Leadership for Teaching & Learning programs at Millersville University offer three courses of study for obtaining Principalship certifications. Passionate educational leaders cater valuable coursework and experiences to graduate-level students depending on their possession of a master's degree and supervisory certificate. Each route equips school and organizational leaders with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to develop and implement effective educational programs. 

Graduates of this program receive a Principalship certification based on Pennsylvania Department of Education standards, with the potential for additional degrees and certification depending on their chosen course of study.

What Will You Learn?

While each graduate student's course of study is uniquely catered to their past experiences and education, all students working toward a Principalship certification at Millersville University will increase their knowledge and confidence through a combination of coursework and field experiences.

Students who possess a master's degree and a supervisory certificate meet program competencies with courses including Leadership Theory and Organizational Behavior, School and Community Relations, and School Law, Public Policy and the Principal, and Leadership Seminars. Students who earned a master's degree but not a supervisory certificate study additional courses such as Functions of Supervision, Administrative Supervision, and Curriculum and Supervision. Students without a master's degree will add Philosophy of Education, Advanced Educational Psychology, and Methods of Research to their course of study. Most of these Principalship classes take place on-campus at Millersville University in the evenings.

In addition to coursework, all students working toward their Principalship certification participate in Applied Supervision and Applied Practicum experiences. These valuable field experiences, which are faculty supervised and principal mentored, extend over the 12-month lifecycle of the school year.