Conduct Advocates

Conduct Advocates are here to help and guide you in preparation for a University conduct hearing.
A Conduct Advocate is a resource for students going through or involved in the conduct process at Millersville University. The Advocates are well trained in the conduct process and are neutral parties that have no influence on the outcome of your case.

providing help & guidance

The Conduct Advocate cannot represent you at your hearing or influence the outcome of your hearing. They will help you prepare your opening and closing statements,prepare for the questioning of witnesses, answer questions about the process, explain your rights, and help you feel comfortable and confident going into your hearing.


A list of trained advocates is available below. You may choose an advocate and contact that person at your convenience.

Allison Yarrow 717-871-4368

Yvonne DeBlois 717-871-5691

Darlene Newman 717-871-5396

Shaun Cook 717-871-7270

Rita Miller 717-871-7649

Bertha DeJesus 717-871-7350

prepare for the meeting

In preparation for your meeting with a Conduct Advocate you should think about what you would like to review. Write down any questions you might have. Remember to bring any paperwork relating to the incident.

during the meeting

When it is time to meet with the Conduct Advocate, plan for about an hour. You will meet the Advocate in a private area to be determined. During this meeting you will review materials necessary for the hearing.

after the meeting

  • Review your notes with the Conduct Advocate and begin to write your statements.
  • Preparation before the hearing is important.
  • The more you prepare, the more comfortable and relaxed you will be.