Description Amount
1st Alcohol Offense $100.00
2nd Alcohol Offense $200.00
3rd Alcohol Offense $300.00
Additional Alcohol Offense $400.00
1st Drug Offense $100.00
2nd Drug Offense $200.00
3rd Drug Offense $300.00
Additional Drug Offense $400.00
Possession or Use of a Fake I.D. $100.00
1st Guest Violation $25.00
2nd Guest Violation $50.00
3rd Guest Violation $75.00
Additional Guest Violation $100.00
Failure to Appear at Administrative Hearing $100.00
Failure to Appear at Conduct Board Hearing $200.00
Failure to Complete an Educational Sanction $100.00
Fire Alarm Causation $200.00
Failure to Evacuate $200.00
Vandalism  $100.00 + restitution 
Tampering with Fire Safety Equipment $500.00

All fines are reported to the Office of Student Accounts and placed on your account.

Fines can be viewed on your MAX account and paid using the online bill system.

Failure to pay fines will result in a hold being placed on your account preventing release of grades, transcripts and scheduling future classes.