Technicians and Crew Information

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Welcome Adam Boyer as University Theatre's Technical Director and Lighting Designer
Email :   Phone:(717) 871-7119
Office: Room 106 same room as the box office, Dutcher Hall, Ground Floor


  • Stage Manager: It's a tough job but someone has to do it. You will be selected by the director and will serve as the backbone of the production. You will be responsible for running rehearsals, keeping track of the cast, calling cues during the show, etc. Not everyone can stage manage, but those that can are invaluable.
  • Assistant Stage Manager: This position is the Stage Manager's "right hand person". You would assist the Stage Manager in rehearsal duties and be backstage during the performance. Must be available through the entire rehearsal process, performances, and strike.
  • House Manager: Takes care of the audience making sure they are happy and safe. The House Manager is essentially a customer service representative to the audience. You must be a person who likes working with people and pays attention to details.
  • Dramaturgy: You must love to do research and gather information. The dramaturgy is the person who researches the play, the playwright, the period of the play, and anything that relates to the play that will help the director, the cast, and the audience.

Preparation Crews:

  • Set Construction
  • Prop Gathering
  • Sound Engineering (recording)
  • Costume Construction and Gathering
  • Public Relations
  • Lighting (hanging and focusing)
  • Just Helping
  • Scenic Painting

Running Crew Positions

You are the official "dark mice" of the performance. You will need to be dressed in dark clothing and be available for a run through rehearsal, tech & dress rehearsals, performances, and strike.

  • Deck Crew: Responsible for moving sets and props as the scene calls for during the show.
  • Props Master/Mistress: You will collect and manage all the properties of the show. This position would require you to have access to a car.
  • Dressers/Wardrobe: Your job is to help the actors get in and out of costumes during the show. You will also be the liaison between the Costume Shop and the show. You will take care of the costumes during the run of the show by repairing when needed, cleaning and ironing, etc.
  • Sound/Light Board Operators: Two people are needed for these jobs. The task involves operating the sound and light boards during the production.
  • Hair and Makeup: This person's duty is to make sure all the actors look their best by helping them apply makeup and do hair during the production.