Theatre Option or Minor

THEATRE as a Option in the Comm./Theatre Department

MAJOR: Communication and Theatre

OPTION: Theatre

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication with an option in Theatre


Dr. Theresa Russell-Loretz  Phone: (717) 871-7281

COLLEGE: the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


The Department of Communication and Theatre offers a Bachelor of Science degree in speech communication. The liberal arts program prescribes a common core of required courses and allows the choice of one of four options including broadcasting, communication studies, public relations and theatre. Each option contains a specific group of required courses and an additional group of electives chosen in consultation with a departmental adviser.

Course Requirements

Persons considering the speech communication program should consult with the department about options and requirements. These programs undergo periodic revision. A complete description of the current program and GPA requirements are available from the departmental office. Options or minor programs of study must be chosen by students with their adviser’s consent.

Upon acceptance into the speech communication program, the following academic requirements must be maintained in order to graduate: a C or better is required in each core course before taking the next higher core course; students’ progress in the major is reviewed no later than the semester following completion of 60 hours. Students in the major must attain a 2.5 GPA in the major in order to be retained in the major.

Blue Sheet: Theatre Option

THEATRE as a minor


Blue Sheet: Theatre Minor