Marauder Gold Program F.A.Q.'s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Marauder Gold and my dining plan?

A. The dining plan provides for a specific number of meals eaten in campus dining facilities. Some dining plans include a set amount of Flex dollars that may be used for food purchases, such as snacks, etc. Marauder Gold is a separate account. It may be used to make purchases at many campus locations, including dining facilities, as well as off-campus locations.

Q: I already have a MAP account. Why do I need Marauder Gold?

A: Marauder Gold is replacing MAP (Millersville Advantage Plan). MAP was established to allow students to take advantage of cash-free shopping at many campus locations. Marauder Gold gives you a dual advantage:  cash-free shopping both on campus and at participating off-campus merchants. Go with the Gold!

Q. How do I add money to my Marauder Gold Account?

A. For your convenience, if paying by check (made payable to 'Millersville University'), note the amount of your deposit for MAP and it can accompany your tuition payment. You may also make payment by cash or check at the Office of Student Accounts on the first floor of the Dilworth Building. If paying online we accept credit cards (American Express, Discover or MasterCard) and e-checks. Go to MAX.

Q. Where do I check to see where I have been spending my Marauder Gold?

A. The receipt for each purchase shows your remaining balance. You can also use online MAX to review your purchase history (ID# and pin required).

Q. Where can I use Marauder Gold on-campus?

A. A list of on-campus locations can be found on the Marauder Gold homepage.

Q. Where can I use Marauder Gold off-campus?

A. A list of off-campus locations can be found on the Marauder Gold homepage.

Q. How much should I deposit each semester?

A. You can open begin using Marauder Gold with a minimum deposit of $50. There is no minimum balance required and additional deposits of at least $25 can be added throughout the semester.

Q. What do I do if I've lost my Marauder OneCard?

A. If you lose your ID card, you can stop by the ID Office on the first floor of the Boyer building or call the office at extension 7008. You can also report it lost by clicking here. (NEED LINK FROM SCHOOL)
**Students go to the myVILLE portal. If the card is found, it must be reactivated at the ID Office.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what I can buy?

A. Yes- you may not purchase alcohol or cigarettes using Marauder Gold. No exceptions for those over 21 years of age.