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General Information


State/Country of origin: Fifty-four countries are represented; including Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany, Kenya, United Kingdom and Vietnam.  Thirty states are represented; including Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia.


  • African American - 9%
  • Native American - 0%
  • Asian/Pacific Isl. - 2%
  • Latino/Hispanic - 7%
  • White - 80%
  • Multiracial - 1%
  • Not Reported - 1%

Admission Requirements - First Year Students

Our admissions decisions are based upon intellectual ability, academic achievement, and personal qualities that will contribute positively to our University community. We focus on the following credentials:

  • Strong performance in a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that includes, at minimum, four units of English, three units of mathematics (including geometry and algebra I and II; a fourth unit is preferred), three units of science including at least two units of laboratory science, and three units of social science. Foreign language is recommended but not required.
  • Results from the SAT I or the ACT. Please submit all attempts. We will use the highest combination of scores from multiple sittings for the SAT I, and we will use the highest composite ACT.
  • A required personal statement, incorporated into the application, is helpful in assisting the Admissions Committee in understanding your unique background, gifts and the talents that you can bring to the University. 
  • Letters of recommendation which are not required, but up to three may be submitted in support of your application. It is fine to submit them separately from your application.
  • Your completed application; which we recommend that you submit early in your senior year.

We do not require interviews, and individual appointments with counselors are available on a very limited basis. To learn more about the University and general requirements, we recommend attending a group information session which includes a guided tour.

Admission Deadlines

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning in mid-September for the following fall. We have no deadline; we close when we are full. We recommend that fall applicants apply early in their senior year.