Stained Glass Windows

Gordinier Hall

Three of the original 14 stained glass windows are displayed in Gordinier Hall, in the Old Main room of Bolger Conference Center. These windows are “Christianity,” “Faith” and “Prosperity.” All three windows include the three pieces of the original window, the top piece, the alumni “astra” star, the figure of the theme and the bottom piece, the Normal School class pin design of the lamp and keystone. They were relocated to the Bolger Conference Center in 1988.



stained glass in Gordinier Hall“Christianity” was donated by the class of 1894. The central figure of this window is Jesus Christ, featured in a welcoming pose with the phrase, “The light of the world,” beneath the “Christianity” title.


stained glass in Gordinier Hall“Faith” was donated by the class of 1905. Sir Galahad is the central focus of this window, leading his horse through what appears to be three different landscapes during his quest to find the Holy Grail. Beneath the window displaying the word “Faith” is the phrase, “O just and faithful knight of God.”


stained glass in Gordinier Hall“Prosperity” was donated by the class of 1906 for the chapel of Old Main. The personification of “Prosperity,” is featured as the goddess of agriculture and the growth of food plants, Ceres. She is pictured wearing a crown made of ears of corn and carrying a torch, symbolizing her search in the underworld for her daughter.