Stained Glass Windows


stained glass in Hash/BasslerThe stained glass window placed in Hash Building/Bassler Hall is the “Education” window. The window from the Chapel of Old Main was donated by the class of 1868 and presented to the Hash Building in 2006 in honor of Barbara G. Will, class of 1954, elementary teacher, principal and director.

The “Education” window includes two of the original three-piece set. The middle piece features Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and learning. The figure Minerva is with a statue of Nike, which is a representation of victory. The statue is a female with wings standing on a globe and holding a wreath for victory and palm branch for peace to the victors. Minerva holds a two-headed spear and on the ground are her shield and helmet. On her right, an owl, symbolizing wisdom, sits on a post.

At the base of the figure is the bottom piece of the window set, featuring the Normal School class pin design, which is a lamp in front of a keystone, symbolizing the lamp of learning for education acquired at Millersville. Behind the lamp is a keystone representing the support of the school by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.