Stained Glass Windows

Wickersham Hall

stained glass in Wickersham HallThe stained glass window in Wickersham is the bottom piece of “Hope.” It was installed in 2006 after the building was renovated. It was mounted in a lighted box and placed in the north side entranceway to the building.

The window is in memory of George Maynard Snyder, from the class of 1904. It is the bottom of the three-piece set that was originally from Old Main, featuring the Normal School class pin design, which is a lamp in front of a keystone, symbolizing the lamp of learning for education acquired at Millersville and the keystone representing the support of the school by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The window includes the inscription, “Class of 1904,” with the phrase below that translates to, “The Victory and the Honor is Ours,” in Greek.