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James Delle Associate Provost

 Dr. James A. Delle

Associate Provost for Academic Administration

The office of the Associate Provost is responsible for supporting many elements of academic life at Millersville University, including the university’s curriculum, the General Education program, and faculty professional development through the Vilas A. Prabhu Center for Academic Excellence. The Associate Provost also coordinates with Faculty Senate and academic departments on the development of new academic programs, and facilitates the curricular approval process (CAP).

Dr. Delle serves on numerous university committees including Faculty Senate, Deans' Council, the Strategic Advisory Council, the Behavioral Intervention Team, and the Middle States Steering Committee. He also works with the subcommittees of the Senate, including the Undergraduate Curriculum and Program Review Committee (UCPRC), the General Education Review Committee (GERC), and the Academic Policies Committee (APC).

New Program Initiation or Change

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