New Program Initiation

Notice of Intent (NOI) for New Credentials (Majors, Concentrations, Minors, Certificates, MDST Tracks, etc.)

Purpose of NOI:  The first step in developing a proposal for a new credential at Millersville University is to submit a brief Notice of Intent (NOI) to the appropriate department chair(s) and college Dean(s). It will allow the Dean to provide preliminary feedback on the resource implications of the proposal and allow the administration (managed by the Associate Provost for Academic Administration) to track the progress of the proposal through the various stages of review.

Content: Please use the attached form to submit the NOI as a single WORD or PDF document.


Process: E-mail the completed NOI to the appropriate Dean(s) and cc the department chairs of any affected departments. The Dean will forward the NOI to the Associate Provost and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies (if appropriate). The NOI is for informational purposes and so progress on the proposal should not wait for a response.  The Associate Provost will contact you about any PASSHE requirements, some of which can be initiated at the same time as the campus review process.  

CAP Process Document

Link here for access to the most recent draft of the CAP document.

CAP Process Document

CAP Process Document now available!

The most recent draft of the CAP document is under review by APSCUF and the administration.