New Program Initiation

Notice of Intent (NOI) for New Credentials (Majors, Concentrations, Minors, Certificates, MDST Tracks, etc.)


Detailed information on creating new programs is posted here (click link).  

Purpose of NOI:  The first step in developing a proposal for a new credential at Millersville University is to submit a brief Notice of Intent (NOI) to the appropriate department chair(s) and college Dean(s).  The NOI is for information only (there is no formal review and approval).  It will allow the Dean to provide preliminary feedback on the resource implications of the proposal and allow the administration (managed by the Associate Provost for Academic Administration) to track the progress of the proposal through the various stages of review.  The NOI is an internal document and is not part of the formal curricular review process.

Content: Please use the attached form to submit the NOI as a single WORD or PDF document.

Form: Download (click here)

Process: E-mail the completed NOI to the appropriate Dean(s) and cc the department chairs of any affected departments.  The Dean will forward the NOI to the Associate Provost and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies (if appropriate).  The NOI is for informational purposes and so progress on the proposal should not wait for a response.  The Associate Provost will contact you about any PASSHE requirements, some of which can be initiated at the same time as the campus review process.  

Proposal Tracking

Credential Title Faculty Contact Status update Last Updated
Major BS in Automation and Intelligent Robotics Len Litowitz Approved DC; Approved COT; submitted to BOG; approved BOG 10-08-15
Major BS in Environmental Engineering Rich Clark LOI approved by PASSHE; Proposal in Preparation; on hold per Cabinet 7-16-15


BS in Entertainment Technology Barry David; Victor Capecce LOI submitted to PASSHE; Positive response to LOI received 1-26-16; Proposal in Preparation; LOI rescinded; preparing new STEP 1 proposal 11-02-17
FORL Minor French/German/Spanish Studies Susanne Nimmrichter Approved by Senate; approved by DC; submitted to PASSHE; approved 11-8-17
FORL Majors French/German/Spanish Susanne Nimmrichter Approved by Senate; approved by DC; submitted to PASSHE; approved 11-8-17
Concentration in BA in English Writing Studies Kerrie Farkas NOI submitted; app Senate 3-14-16; app DC 5-11-16; accepted by PASSHE 5-11-16
MDST Concentration Science Writing Caleb Corkery NOI submitted; app MDST committee 3-29-16; to DC; approved; notification submitted to PASSHE 3-29-16
MDST Concentration Sport Business Dan Keefer NOI submitted; under review by MDST committee; approved as Sport Business; notification submitted to PASSHE 12-22-15
MDST Concentration Fitness and Wellness Coordination Dan Keefer NOI submitted; under review by MDST committee 3-14-16
Minor Science Writing Caleb Corkery NOI submitted; Senate approved; awaiting dept response on resources 12-19-17
Certificate Marketing David DiRusso approved by Senate and Deans' Council; notification submitted to PASSHE 1-9-17
Major BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology Alex Johnson Step 1 submitted to PASSHE; Positive response from PASSHE; under review by Senate; Step 2 submitted  9-29-17
Minor Fine Art Metals Becky McDonah approved by Senate and Deans' Council; notification submitted to PASSHE 2-20-17
Major BS in Music Business Technology Barry Atticks approved by Senate; DC evaluating resources; Step 1 submitted to PASSHE; Positive response from PASSHE; Step 2 submitted 9-29-17
Concentration in Allied Health Technology Sports Medicine John Hoover approved by Senate and DC; notification submitted to PASSHE 6-30-17
Minor Creative Writing Caleb Corkery NOI submitted; approved DC; dept preparing PASSHE notification 12-5-17
MDST Concentration Film Studies Jill Craven NOI submitted; approved by MDST Committee; awaiting DC  12-5-17
MDST Concentration Atlantic World Studies Dennis Downey NOI Submitted 9-30-17
minor Musical Theater Tony Elliot & José Holland-Garcia  NOI Submitted 10-2-17
minor Social Justice Karen Rice NOI Submitted; approved by Senate and DC; submitted to PASSHE 12-18-17
minor Public Relations Theresa Russell-Loretz NOI Submitted 10-4-17