Undergraduate Course And Curriculum Proposals


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The new Curriculum Approval Process (CAP) is going live on August 28th and the old printed forms will no longer be used.  Once you log into the system using the link below you will find instructions, videos, FAQ's, and the forms to do the following:

  • Propose a new undergraduate course.
  • Propose changes to an undergraduate course, including general education labels and Distance Learning (DL) approval.
  • Propose a new undergraduate credential (major, option, minor, etc.)
  • Propose changes to existing undergraduate programs.

Curriculum Approval Process - CAP Login

The system will allow you to create your proposal, attach any required documents, and submit it electronically for review.  It then allows all relevant curriculum committees, including Faculty Senate, to review your proposal in a timely and efficient manner, reflecting all current, locally-developed procedures.

If you are considering a new undergraduate credential (major, option, minor, etc.) please see the information on New Academic Programs listed under Quick Links and the New Program Initiation link for the form to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI).

NOTE ABOUT OLD SYSTEM: Although new proposals will be submitted using CAP, proposals already in the pipeline and announced have been added to Pre-CAP Proposals.