Visiting Team Information

Athletic Department Contacts


Associate Director of Athletics -  Peg Kauffman
Telephone: (717) 871-7693

Associate Director of Athletics - Larry Earnesty

Head Athletic Trainer - Heather Wolfe
Telephone: (717) 871-4781


Athletic Training Services


  • Physician in Attendance
  • Ambulance On-site
  • Athletic Trainer in Attendance
  • Taping area provided in Stadium visitors locker room

M & W Soccer, W Volleyball, M & W Basketball, Wrestling, Softball, Field Hockey, W Lacrosse & T&F

  • Athletic Trainer in Attendance
  • Taping tables available in locker room or use of athletic training facility


  • Athletic Traininer in Attendance

Teams Traveling Without an Athletic Trainer

If your team will be traveling without an athletic trainer:

  • Contact the host athletic trainer at least 48 hours in advance with a treatment list. No treatments will be administered without prior communication between athletic trainers. A student bringing a note day of contest does not allow our faculty and staff to prepare appropriately.
  • Contact the host athletic trainer at least 24 hours in advance with a taping/bracing list.
  • Ensure the team is traveling with all required medical supplies. 
  • Ensure coaching staff has all emergency contact information including contact information for the team's athletic trainer. 
  • In an effort to be environmentally conscious, we request that your team travel with water bottles to limit the use of disposable cups. Water and ice coolers will be provided. Cups are only available upon request. If your team is unable to provide water bottles please include this request in your communication with the host athletic trainer.