Center For Environmental Sciences


MUCES is dedicated to research and education relating to the understanding, management, and protection of the natural resources of the lower Susquehanna region. Our goals are to promote the conservation of our natural resources and thus enhance the quality of life of all citizens by being an intellectual resource to the regional Community and becoming an active partner with the private, governmental, and non-profit sectors in environmental protection.

Our mission is to foster collaboration both within the University community and with outside governmental agencies, no-profit organizations and private sector enterprises concerning environmental research and education. MUCES assists the MU academic departments in opportunities for continuing education for environmental professionals and community leaders. Indeed the cooperative ventures between MUCES and non-profit, private, and governmental sectors are an excellent way both to serve those regional community needs and to provide high quality, career-oriented, educational experiences for our students.

MUCES provides a forum for scientists, planners, developers, agriculturists, educators, manufacturers and processors, government agencies, and community leaders to exchange information in support of environmental stewardship. The center promotes research, collaborations, and novel approaches to regional environmental problems in the four major areas of air quality, land use, water resources, and biological resources.

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