Crowdfunding Toolkit

Before Starting your Campaign

Before submitting your project for consideration, please be sure you can address each of the points below:

  • Your project and/or fundraising effort is affiliated with Millersville University
  • Approval from individual/organization’s division head/director (i.e. Vice President, Dean, Advisor)
  • An established University fund to which gifts can be directed. Note: an SSI account is not considered a University account
  • A realistic, defined, and measurable fundraising goal
  • A specific, concise project description and timeframe
  • A dedicated project leader(s) who will spearhead project initiatives and promote the project throughout the entire campaign duration
  • Step 1: Setting Up Your Campaign

    Setting your goal

    How much money do you need to raise? It’s important to think this through carefully before embarking on a fundraising project. You need to set a clear, measurable goal and break it down to show how the money will be used. It is suggested that campaigns fall in the $1,000 - $10,000 funding level. However, projects that fall outside those parameters will be considered with further discussion. Please keep in mind that not all goals are guaranteed to be met.

    TIP: Rather than saying, “We want to raise money for the volleyball team” – a measurable goal would be, “We want to raise $3,000 to purchase $150 worth of equipment for 20 student athletes.”

    Levels of Giving

    Levels work well when you are utilizing them to describe the impact a certain amount will have (i.e. $25 covers one student for a day of leadership training.) You want to utilize levels to showcase the tangible, personal impact each donor will have.

    Perks are also a great way to engage with your donors by making them feel directly connected to your project and/or team. The important thing to remember with perks for philanthropic crowdfunding is that is the perk is tangible in any way, it should have a low fair market value so that impact of the gift is still felt by the donor. A successful perk continuum could start simple and virtual at the lower dollar amount ($10 gives a facebook shout out or thank you video), more personalized at the mid-level ($100 signed team photo, personal video of a lab or practice), and experiential at the highest levels ($500 gets dinner with the team, invitation to campus, t-shirt.)


    Decide how long your campaign will run. What is your deadline? Fund the ‘Ville is a platform for short-term projects. You should aim to have your campaign completed in 60 days or less. Make sure you have set aside the time required to engage with your supporters and promote your campaign.

    Project Description- Tell your story

    First ask yourself, why are you fundraising for your cause or project? What about it gets you excited and motivated? What difference will the funds make? Who will this benefit? Why should someone support this cause? Include the answers to these questions in a short story (250-500 words) that brings your project to life, engages your audience and gives them a reason to donate.

    Make sure to proofread your pitch and get feedback to help with any revisions.

    Get Creative!

    Find or take a set of compelling pictures to help illustrate your campaign page. Or make a short (2-minute max) video so people can see who is behind the project and why you’re so committed to it. Make it interesting and easy to understand. Ideally you want your video to be compelling – something a donor would be willing to share with network of contacts.

  • Step 2: Promoting Your Campaign

    Once you’re fundraising page is set up, it’s time to promote your campaign. You’ll want to plan out your campaign marketing.

    How will you get the word out?

    Consider expanding your ways of communicating to both current and potential supporters to maximize your campaign’s potential. Email, Facebook, and Twitter are all excellent ways to spread the word to your audiences. If your funding allows, you can also send a direct mailer ask.

    Consider letting your close friends, family and campaign champions know that your campaign is coming and let them start to promote it. If needed, you may enter a data request for potential donors who may be interested in your campaign.

    Word of mouth

    Talk about your project in your own circles and with others to get people excited about the campaign.

    Send Emails

    Describe the project to your own contacts, family, friends, ask people to contribute or share it with their own friend groups. Make sure to add the link to your fundraising page and be vocal that every little contribution helps. Use the templates we provided for guidance; personalize your emails.

    Social Media

    This is where the power of the crowd really comes into play. Engage with your contacts to promote your campaign, ask for donations, share updates, progress, and have some fun!

    • Share your campaign (include the direct link)
    • Ask your friends and family to share it
    • Post updates about your campaign – acknowledge donors, countdown the days, share relevant news, pictures, video
  • Step 3: Share your success on Social and Email

    Follow up with your fundraiser – what are your next steps now that you’ve secured funding? Say thank you to your donors. Show them the impact of their gift. Use social media and email to share the success of your campaign


    Social Media/Email Templates

    You can use the following as a guide to market your Fund the ‘Ville project on social media as well as in emails to your networks. Feel free to use these templates or create original posts as well. Remember to always include a link to your Fund the ‘Ville fundraising page, tell a bit of your story/mission, and create a sense of urgency.

    You can also easily share your Fund the ‘Ville page by using the social media links near the top of your project home page.


    Check out (my organizations Fund the ‘Ville project). We are trying to (purpose/goal), and we need your help!

    (insert Link)


    So far we have raised (____)% of our goal and have ( ____ ) days left to go. Contribute, share and help us get there! Any amount that you can give really will make a difference and help make (project/goal) a reality.

    (insert Link)


    We are getting close to our goal, and if we can raise just ($_____) more we will be able to (mission). (insert Link)

    Twitter, Instagram

    (____) days into our Fund the ‘Ville fundraising campaign to (purpose). $(___) raised and $(___) left to go. Contribute or help spread the word at (insert Link).



    Dear (_____),

    On behalf of (organization), I wanted to reach out and let you know about an exciting project we have been working on at Millersville University.

    We’re so excited with the progress we’ve made so far with our Fund the ‘Ville crowdfunding campaign for ( ______). We’re raising funds to (_______). This project means a lot to us because (________).

    So far we’re at (____)% of our goal and have raised over $(____) with (___) days to go!

    You can check out our progress and make a gift at (insert Link).

    - Thank You Language


    Dear (____),

    Thank you so much for your gift to support our Fund the ‘Ville project! Thanks to you and your fellow donors we are already at ( ___)% of our goal. I hope you will also spread the word about our project. With your help we will surely be able to (mission/goal.) 

    Your support really makes a difference. Thank you again for supporting (organization/project).

    - Thank You Language