Mission And Ethics Statement

Mission Statement

Millersville University Advancement Services (MUAS) shall support and further the interests and advancement of Millersville University in accordance with the university's Mission Statement. MUAS also protects fundamental rights to privacy and confidentiality. MUAS is committed to the ethical collection and use of information. We follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws, as well as institutional policies governing the collection, use, maintenance, and dissemination of information in the pursuit of the mission of Millersville University. MUAS shall respect all people and organizations.

Ethics Statement

Adopted from the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement code of ethics. MUAS is committed to balancing the needs of Millersville University to collect, analyze, record, maintain, use, and disseminate information with respect to an individual's right to privacy. The following ethical principles apply, and practice is built on these principles:

Fundamental Principles

  • Confidentiality: Confidential information about constituents (donors and non-donors), as well as confidential information on institutions in oral form or on electronic, magnetic, or print media are protected so that the relationship of trust between the constituent and Millersville University is upheld.
  • Accuracy: MUAS shall record all data accurately. Such information shall include attribution. Analysis and products of data analysis should be without personal prejudices or biases.
  • Relevance: MUAS shall seek and record only information that is relevant and appropriate to the fund-raising effort.
  • Accountability: MUAS shall accept responsibility for its actions and shall be accountable to the profession of development, and to the constituents who place their trust in MUAS.
  • Honesty: MUAS shall be truthful with regard to its identity and purpose and the identity of Millersville University during the course of work.


  • The collection of information shall be done lawfully, respecting applicable laws and Millersville University policies.
  • Information sought and recorded includes all data that can be verified and attributed, as well as constituent information that is self-reported (via correspondence, surveys, questionnaires, etc.).
  • When requesting information in person or by telephone, it is recommended in most cases that the identity of MUAS is not concealed. Written requests for public information shall be made on institutional stationary clearly identifying the inquirer.
  • Whenever possible, payments for public records shall be made through the institution.
  • MUAS shall apply the same standards for electronic information that it currently uses in evaluating and verifying print media. The researcher shall ascertain whether or not the information comes from a reliable source.

Recording and Maintenance

  • Researchers shall state information in an objective and factual manner, note attribution and date of collection, and clearly identify analysis.
  • Constituent information on paper, electronic, magnetic or other media shall be stored securely to prevent access by unauthorized persons.
  • Special protection shall be afforded to all giving records pertaining to anonymous donors.
  • Electronic or paper documents pertaining to constituents shall be irreversibly disposed of when no longer needed.

Use and Distribution

  • MUAS shall adhere to all applicable laws, as well as to institutional policies, regarding the use and distribution of confidential information.
  • Information is the property of the institution for which it was collected and shall not be given to persons other than those who are involved with the cultivation or solicitation effort or those who need that information in the performance of their duties for that institution.
  • Information belonging to one institution shall not be taken to another institution.
  • Research documents containing information that is to be used outside research offices shall be clearly marked *confidential.*
  • Vendors, consultants, and other external entities shall understand and agree to comply with Millersville University's confidentiality policies before gaining access to institutional data.
  • Only publicly available information shall be shared with colleagues at other institutions as a professional courtesy.