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Congratulations on Your Donor-Funded Scholarship or Award!


THank you note opportunity:

Write your thank you note or visit the Development Office for assistance. Please view sample thank you notes

You can deliver your thank you note to the Development Office in the Duncan Alumni House on campus, mail to:  Development Office, Millersville University, PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551 or email to Thank you!

Tips for scholarship recipient QUESTIONNAIRE:


Tips for Questionnaire
Please share a list of your activities and how you spend your free time – including recreational activities, community service organizations, leisure activities and hobbies. Activities may include both personal leisure activities and academic clubs, organizations, and campus activities at Millersville University.


Tips for Questionnaire
Please list your personal areas of interest – such as sports (playing and/or watching), reading, traveling, or specific interest areas, projects, etc.

Examples: Gardening; Traveling; Spending time with friends and family; Reading; Hiking; Exercising; etc.

Why did you choose to attend Millersville? 

Tips and Examples for Questionnaire

It has a great reputation in my field of study.

It’s nearby to my hometown.

My friends and family have attended Millersville and had a great experience.

What do you like best about Millersville?

Tips and Examples for Questionnaire

Examples: Beautiful campus; great professors; many opportunities to get involved in student activities and organizations; high-quality academic experience; etc.

What are your plans after college?

Tips for Questionnaire
Please mention the career path that you plan to pursue, whether you plan to continue your education by pursuing an advanced degree, and your professional plans for the future.

Fun Facts:

Tips for Questionnaire
What are some unique facts about yourself?

Do you have any unique collections?

Have you traveled to any exciting destinations?

Do you have any unique skills or talents?

General guidelines for Scholar Profile photos:
  1. Submit only photos that are appropriate and present a clear picture of your face. No hats or sunglasses, please!
  2. Do not wear logos advertising other schools, businesses, sports teams or universities other than Millersville University.  
  3. View a sample Scholar Profile (PDF)

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