Professional Connections

Professional Organizations & Opportunities

The English Department encourages students to familiarize themselves with professional issues and organizations.  While we hope most of our students will experience real-world professional situations as student teachers or interns at companies or organizations, exposure to the larger discourse and issues within the discipline helps our students become more thoughtful as well as more marketable.

To encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves for learning the professional discourse and the discipline, students may apply for Noonan Endowment Awards to help fund their participation at conferences and other educational events.

Following Developments through Professional Organizations

Often professional organizations discuss some of their most intriguing issues online.  We have provided links to some of the more important professional organizations at the left.  Students are encouraged to read both the articles and the commentary on these sites. 

While these sites offer opportunities to expand beyond the ideas in the classroom, students are encouraged to be thoughtful in their presentation of their own comments on online sites, as these comments may live forever on the web.