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New Graduate Student Journal: Professor Joyce Anderson

Millersville University College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning will be launching the new “MUsings: The Graduate Journal” at Made in Millersville in April. The new Graduate Journal will showcase work done by Millersville University graduate students. The journal will be published in print and digital media to help create a practical and professional experience in academic and digital publishing. Participation in the project will increase graduate students’ ability to contribute positively to contemporary and future workplaces and communities in support of the University’s commitment to creativity, innovation and engagement.

The Graduate Journal will showcase research articles, literary essays and creative work from graduate students of all disciplines.

For more information about the new Graduate Journal, please contact Joyce Anderson at Joyce.Anderson@millersville.edu.

Made in Millersville is a student research conference held annually in the MU McNairy Library and Learning Forum. The event this year will be held on April 21 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. For more information about Made in Millersville, please visit http://www.library.millersville.edu/.

(Story from 2/18/16 Exchange)

Hausman Helps Journalists Venture Out on their Own

Carl HausmanPractice what you preach. Or perhaps it should be practice what you teach. Journalist and communications scholar Carl Hausman is doing just that this spring semester as a visiting scholar at Millersville University.

Hausman lectures in “Entrepreneurial Journalism in the Multi-Platform Era,” which is being offered as a special topics course for the English department. He works with Philip Benoit, who teaches journalism and writing courses as an adjunct instructor in the department.

According to Hausman, the overarching goal of the course is to teach students how to set up their own entrepreneurial journalism ventures, utilize new technology to reach worldwide audiences, and integrate a portfolio of platforms into what he calls a “a synergistic mini-media empire, where one platform feeds into another and the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. That strategy, in my estimation, is part of the future of news and media entrepreneurship.”

“Carl contacted me with the idea of offering this course about a year ago,” Benoit said. “He had been doing research on digital journalism and its use by journalists who are finding innovative ways to practice their craft outside the traditional models of the journalism profession, using digital technology and platforms.”

Hausman proposed to come to Millersville to develop methods and resources that would result in an academic course that could then be replicated at his home institution and elsewhere. Hausman welcomes the opportunity to work with Benoit, who is the coauthor of several of Hausman’s books.

“Phil is very technically innovative and is the ideal partner for a collaborative venture like this,” Hausman said. “In addition, I had done a program review for Millersville several years ago, offering an external evaluation of the University’s journalism curriculum, and was impressed with the level of technical sophistication and support. So, it seemed like an ideal venue.”

For the classes’ final project, students will formulate a business plan and pitch it in a mock “Shark-Tank” setting to a panel of experts.

Before coming to Rowan in 1997, Hausman served in various full- and part-time positions on the faculty of New York University, where he completed his postdoctoral fellowship. He has written and published more than 20 books covering topics including politics, advertising, media and ethics. He has worked in a variety of media and began work in Internet journalism in the mid-1990s.

His media appearances include “World News This Morning,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Good Day New York” and a number of national talk radio shows. He testified before Congress concerning communication and societal issues and he has been interviewed by The New York Times and USA Today.
For more information regarding the class, please contact Philip Benoit at 717-872-3048 or at Philip.Benoit@millersville.edu.

(Story from 2/18/16 Exchange)

New Cabinet Fellow: Dr. Jill Craven

Dr. Jill Craven has been appointed to the position of Cabinet Fellow by President John M. Anderson for 2016.

This position was created to offer professional development to department chairs who may be interested in career advancement as an academic or university administrator. Craven succeeds Dr. Karen Rice, chair of the School of Social Work, in this Cabinet position.

Craven has a B.S. in mathematics and a Ph.D. in comparative literature, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Craven chairs the English department and is a professor of English and film studies.

As Cabinet Fellow, Craven would like to enhance her understanding of the ways the different divisions of the university interact and impact each other. Craven is excited to have the opportunity to voice her opinion and affect decisions which take place on a larger scale.

“I care deeply about the future of this University and its students. This new opportunity enables my opinions to be heard, and one faculty perspective to be put into the mix on strategic decisions. While this is a separate role from being chair of the English department, understanding the more encompassing perspectives that members of the Cabinet share
provides me with insights that can inform decisions within the English department. It’s illuminating to see the issues of the University unfolding within a larger context.”

(Story from 2/18/16 Exchange)

Odyssey of the Mind: Dr. Jill Craven, Tournament Director

Dr. Jill Craven served as tournament director for 543 K-12 students from regional schools for the 2016 Regional tournament of Odyssey of the Mind on March 12, 2016.  See https://blogs.millersville.edu/exchange/2016/03/07/its-an-odyssey/ for the story!  Millersville University donates the facilities for the tournament to encourage creativity in regional schools.

Building Community Through Story

Anne Frank Project photo of participantsFaculty members Dr. Caleb Corkery, Dr. Jill Craven, Dr. Kim McCollum-Clark, Mr. Tony Sedun, Dr. Tim Shea and students Rowan Byrne, Christian Stock and Lizzy Wahba (along with many other community members) learned how to build community, resolve conflicts, explore identity, and promote social justice using story-building techniques shared by The Anne Frank Project.  The event was brought to campus by Tim Shea, sponsored by Jeff Adams, and facilitated by Drew Kahn, Director of the Anne Frank Project.  During the two day seminar, participants processed loss through developing stories out of Maya Angelou’s poem “When a Great Tree Falls.”  The event established a close community of participants now energized to spread the techniques of promoting social justice through literature and story.

EAPSU Conference organized by Dr. Kim McCollum-Clark

Conference organizer Kim McCollum-ClarkThe EAPSU conference for undergraduate students will be held at Millersville University on April 17th this year, and students from all PASSHE schools have been invited to submit papers on the theme "Thresholds and Refrains in English Studies.” This theme will be interpreted broadly, and many academic papers and creative works will be presented.

EAPSU also sponsors an Undergraduate Poetry contest in conjunction with the annual undergraduate conference. Winning entrants will be invited to read their poetry at the Undergraduate Conference of EAPSU. Winning poems also will be published in EAPSU online.

For more information, please contact Dr. Kim McCollum-Clark with “EAPSU 2015” in the Subject line. We look forward to seeing our PASSHE Undergraduates develop their professional credentials at the Undergraduate Conference.  

Dr. Kerrie Farkas publishes The Transportable Writing Tool

Transportable Writing Tool bookThe Transportable Writing Tool, Dr. Kerrie Farkas's new book on writing, develops writers’ awareness of eight elements important to composing across varied circumstances and genres: insight, audience awareness, expression, conventions, unity, development, coherence, and editing.  This book comes with online exercises, activities, and PowerPoints to enhance instruction of writing in any discipline using this adaptable tool.  Teachers of Writing (W) courses and students writing in varied classes will benefit from the expertise of one of Millersville’s experts in Writing Studies through this new publication.  Congratulations Kerrie!

Dr. Tim Mayers Invited to Speak at Coastal Carolina

Dr. Tim Mayers has been invited to speak at Coastal Carolina University in April. CCU has a new MA program in writing; the program combines creative writing, rhetoric/composition, and technical writing.

Significantly, CCU professors and graduate students have found Tim’s book, (Re)Writing Craft, very helpful, so they have invited  him to speak at CCU about his new directions as a scholar and his pedagogical thinking.  As Tim’s book approaches its tenth anniversary of release, this is a timely acknowledgement of his impact in the field.

The Right to Write poetry workshops with Barbara Strasko

The English Department partnered with Lancaster poet Barbara Strasko to bring The Right to Write, a series of 5 poetry workshops for SDoL students in grades 5-12, to the Ware Center this spring.  Under the direction of Ms. Strasko, English graduate students Eliot White, Gary Reinbrecht, Maria Ronneburger, and Sara Thomas serve as facilitators to nurture these SDoL students’ abilities for self expression and their appreciation for poetry as an art.

Odyssey of the Mind (March 14, 2015)

East Central Pa’s Regional Competition of Odyssey of the Mind was held on Saturday, March 14th, Pi Day, on Millersville Campus.  Millersville began hosting this international creativity tournament in 2007, when Dr. Jill Craven thought Millersville could help to foster the creative energies of regional students not only by bringing the tournament to campus, but also by showing them the resources local universities have to offer.  This year, Regional Director Lorraine Lowrie and Tournament Director Jill Craven, with the assistance of Rich Yednock, will bring 580 students in 89 teams from 59 regional schools to campus for an all day celebration on ingenuity, creativity, and spontaneity.  With over 200 judges to help with the event and hundreds of parents, friends, and teachers on campus, the competition hopes to engage everyone’s creative spirit to celebrate our curiosity, our abilities, our teamwork, and our community.

Odyssey 2015 Awards