Chryst Tree

English Major Advising Reference Sheet

The English Department is committed to advising students both for short-term and long-term goals.

The links at the right will help students navigate through their options for fulfilling their degree requirements. However, regular meetings with an English adviser to discuss students' goals and how to meet them are also required.

Students' advisers are English Department faculty members assigned by the department. Ideally, the adviser will be both a good resource for the student as well as a strong advocate for the student's needs. If a student wishes to switch advisers, he or she may do so by filling out a form at the English Department Office.

Students are encouraged to get to know the English Department faculty members to enrich their intellectual experiences at Millersville University. Faculty members post office hours on their doors as well as on their syllabi so students can contact them easily (and also on D2L if they use that system). As well, students can call the English Department at 871-7385 to ascertain a faculty member's schedule.

Quick Tips

Is your GPA where you want it?
Do you want to understand your subjects better?
Do you need a great grade on that paper?
Would some financial support give you more time to focus on your studies?

  • If you are having trouble with a class, contact the Tutoring Center.  Getting a tutor is free!
  • If your writing can use some polishing or just a second set of eyes, come visit The Writing Center in the library.
  • And if personal issues are distracting you, consider the Counseling Center
  • If you need money for school, think about trying the Scholly app to find scholarship money.  Email English secretary Dena McEwan for a code to make it free.

We want you all to do your best—so be sure to take advantage of the resources out there to help you achieve.