Internships in English

Experiences from Our Majors

English majors at Millersville have opportunities to explore many different work environments to apply their valuable reading and writing skills.  Our partners are regularly impressed with what our majors can do--and are eager to hire them. You may not know exactly how your English training will lead you to a career when you start your major, but you'll see the possibilities once you get into a work environment where your skills can shine. 

Kyle Steffish encourages all English majors to explore possibilities with internships.  He writes:

it’s easy to bottleneck an English education into only a few careers. The perception for some people is you’re an English major because you really like books or you want to be a teacher. Yet we know this is incredibly untrue. An English degree provides students with a rich, versatile skill set that is right at home in a variety of careers, like, as I’ve discovered, in marketing and copywriting.
So, if you’re not sure what you’d like to do, or of all the things you can do with an English education, I encourage you to try new things. Take an internship in marketing or copywriting. Try your hand at digital content creation. Take a leap and branch out into other creative fields and industries. Your education has prepared you for a multitude of paths to travel.  [Find out more in his newsletter article.]

Dr. Corkery is our internship coordinator, so just email him if you are interested in starting an internship (Education majors go through Field Services for Professional Development School).  Experiential Learning and Career Management can lead you through securing the right internship for you

Here are some examples of varied student internships.