Important Forms

Exploratory Program Freshmen Forms/Worksheets

The following are the forms available for The Exploratory Program Freshmen and Advisors, starting Fall 2020.

With intentional activities and programming planned for meetings with your advisor that include conversation about your interests and passions, major exploration, values inventory, and other homework assignments.  We aim to help you to start to EXPLORE ~ DISCOVER ~ DECIDE!

Student Inventory Profile

Exploratory Program Meeting guide

Major Exploration (Homework #1)

Work Values Inventory (Homework #2)

General Education Curriculum Sheet.pdf

Registration Worksheet 


Advisee Meeting Tracking Sheet

Referral Additional Resources (reference for back side of Student Inventory Profile)

Other Important Forms

Academic Program Change Request (online form in MAX) - Formerly the Academic Major and Academic Minor forms.

General Education Form  (Purple Sheet") - Used to track progress in fulfilling general education requirements for students, effective for all Fall 2012.
Major Curriculum Requirement Sheets
Minor Requirement  Sheets - Used to track progress in fulfilling degree requirements.
Other Student Forms
This link will go to the registrar's forms page. Here you can find forms for permission to enroll in a class, request an exception to graduation requirements, transferring credits, and to apply for an official leave of absence.