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  • Academic Affairs - When will I know if my classes have been moved fully online?

    The Fall schedule will be updated by Thursday, July 30.  Please check your schedule through Max, after Thursday to see which of your courses will be delivered fully online.

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  • Academic Affairs - Can I have a fully online schedule if I want one?

    This depends on your major and the courses that you need to take. Most of the courses that will have an on-campus component are either lab, studio, or similar courses that require students to use specialized equipment or facilities.

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  • Academic Affairs - Will all courses be available online?

    Over 80% of the classes on the fall schedule will be available fully online. The remainder will require you to be in class each period, and others will be hybrid, where you will be expected to be in class some days, and connected remotely on others.

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  • Academic Affairs - What does Online/Distance Learning, synchronous and asynchronous mean?

    If your course lists the location as ONLINE/DISTANCE LEARNING, that means that it will be taught remotely – not on campus.  You may also see notes saying "synchronous" or "asynchronous." A "synchronous" course means that your class will be delivered in real-time, online learning.  You will log in with the rest of your classmates at a specific time and participate in an online classroom. Parts of the class may be on your own time.  If this is the case, you will likely see specific days and times on your schedule.

    If you do not see any days and times on your schedule - your course is "asynchronous" and there will be no real-time class meetings.  You will have assignments with due dates and evaluations (tests), but you will not be required to log in for specific class meetings.


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  • Academic Affairs - When will I know if my online courses are synchronous or asynchronous?

    Additional updates to the Fall schedule will go live by Thursday, July 30. Details will also provided in your course syllabus.

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  • Academic Affairs - Will I be able to change my schedule?

    Yes, but we strongly urge you to contact your academic advisor or department chair, and that you wait to make any changes until after July 30, when updates to the schedule will be complete.

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  • Academic Affairs - Will I be able to complete the work for my online classes at any time?

    Not necessarily. Some online classes will be delivered asynchronously, meaning that there may be few if any specific times that the entire class is required to log in. However, these classes will most likely have specific deadlines for the completion of assignments, and may require you to take exams at a specific time. If you are in an asynchronous class, your professor will provide you with the details on assignments and exam deadlines in the class syllabus and/or on D2L.


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  • Academic Affairs - Will I be required to log in to my online classes at specific times?

    If any of your online courses are delivered synchronously (that is, in real time), your professors will expect you to attend class on the scheduled days and times, most likely through Zoom or D2L, just as if you were attending a class on campus. Even some asynchronous classes will require you to take exams at a specified time. Check your class syllabus.

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  • Academic Affairs - How will hybrid classes work?

    Your professors will be developing a variety of different approaches to hybrid classes. In some cases, you may be in class on certain days of the week and expected to complete other assignments online. Your course syllabus should provide this information.

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  • Academic Affairs - How will social distancing work in classrooms?

    The university has lowered the room capacities of all classrooms to ensure proper social distancing protocols can be maintained.

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  • Academic Affairs - Can I participate in hybrid classes fully remotely?

    If there are scheduled on campus class times for any of your courses, you are expected to be on campus as usual. Please contact your professors after July 30 for information about specific courses.

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  • Academic Affairs - How will my lab classes work?

    Depending on the specific course, some labs will be delivered fully online through simulations, other labs will be fully on campus, and others will by a hybrid of the two. In this case, you may be expected to complete an experiment or process in the lab, but complete your data analysis remotely. Check your course syllabus for details.

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  • Academic Affairs - Will I be able to complete my field placement if I am an education major?

    We are working with our partner school districts to ensure that field placements will happen in the fall, but this decision will ultimately be up to each individual school district. The field placement office in the College of Education and Human Services will be able to provide you with more information about your specific placement.

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  • Dining - If I leave for Thanksgiving break and don’t return until spring semester, will I get a refund on dining?

    Any student not returning to campus after Thanksgiving will have their unused balance transferred to spring.

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  • Dining - I have a Declining Balance Plan and will be graduating or not returning to Millersville University for the Spring Semester. Will I get a refund on any unused dollars from dining?

    Any student not returning to campus after Thanksgiving due to graduation or not returning for the Spring Semester will not receive a refund.

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  • Financial - Will tuition be reduced for online courses for fall 2020?

    Fall 2020 tuition will continue to be the same for in-person, hybrid and remote classes.  During the pandemic, our efforts to keep the campus community safe, while providing the highest quality education, means students are still able to start or continue pursuing their degree in a variety of modalities. The University is employing significant resources in the area of technology and faculty training to ensure that the quality of the remote instruction is on par with the in-person classes, and will meet all of the required learning outcomes. The credits earned for remote and hybrid classes are transcribed exactly same as credits earned for in-person courses. 


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  • Housing - When do residence halls close for fall semester and do I need to take my belongings?

    The residence halls will close for the fall semester on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. Students need to fully vacate by removing all their belongings.

    No room rate adjustments will be provided between this date and the end of the fall semester.


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  • Housing - Will there be housing available during the break?

    Break housing will be available between the period of Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. and the start of the spring 2021 semester for students demonstrating extenuating circumstances and approved by the Department of Housing & Residential Programs. More information will be sent out during the semester on how to sign up.


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  • Housing - When will I know my room/suite assignment and be billed?
    Students who previously requested housing by filling out the housing application and did not cancel/opt out of housing will have a housing space secured. August 3, 2020 was the deadline for students to cancel so that the University can readjust those remaining in housing to make sure the "one-per-bedroom" strategy is adhered to. Building/suite assignments and the corresponding billing will be available to view on a student's MAX account starting on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020.

    Prior to moving in, all residential students will need to electronically sign the housing agreement and newly added addendum by logging into their MAX account and following these menu choices: Student Services >> Housing and Dining >> MyHousing >> Applications >> Fall 2020 Application


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  • Housing - When is Move-In?
    Students with on-campus housing for the Fall 2020 semester should plan for move-in to occur from Aug. 17-23 with 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. one-hour timeslots. New students participating in Orientation move in Monday-Thursday and returning students will move in Thursday-Sunday. Once assignments are finalized, students will be sent a specific link for their particular residence hall to sign-up for a move-in date and time.
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  • Housing - I live in Student Lodging, Inc., housing. I plan to leave for Thanksgiving break and not return until spring semester. Will I get a refund?

    Since SLI, Inc. leases are for 12-months, there will not be any refunds for leaving during breaks.

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  • Housing - What do I need to know about the move-in process?
    To maintain a safe and socially distant move-in process, students will be required to sign-up for a specific day and time. Time slots will be in one-hour increments starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 8 p.m. Students will be permitted to have two (2) family members or friends to help with moving in. Students and families are responsible for providing their own personal protective equipment (PPE). All students and move-in helpers are required to wear a mask while inside the residence halls. Those who do not have a mask will not be permitted inside the building. There will be no moving carts available, so students should prepare accordingly to bring hand carts/hand trucks/dollies. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 situation, we ask that you do not pack everything you own, and that you stick to bringing the absolute essentials. This will also expedite the move-out process in the case that we need to fully close the residence halls due to the changing COVID-19 environment. Additionally, on-campus housing will be closed for the remainder of the semester on Nov. 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. We stress that you pack lightly in order to simplify the move-out process.
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  • Housing - Will parents be able to visit their students in the residence halls?

    During the academic year, visitors of students will be limited to those who reside in the same residence hall. While parents won’t be allowed in the residence halls, you can meet outside on campus. In extenuating situations, we will work with parents regarding access into the residence hall as a visitor / guest. 

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  • Housing - Will I have a roommate if I live on-campus in the fall?

    We are placing students "one student per bedroom" in order to create social distancing within the residence halls. This means that you will not have a roommate in your bedroom, but you may have a suitemate in the bedroom(s) next to you. Students will be generally placed based upon suite type originally chosen and the suitemate preferences given. Placement changes can be requested via after you view your rooming assignment on Wed. August 12

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  • Housing - Will there be spring housing?

    We are planning on having student housing for the spring if we have space available and provided that we are still able to house students dependent on the COVID-19 situation. During a "normal year" we typically open with more vacant spaces in the spring than we do in the fall. A student who opted out for fall, or is a new admit for the spring, will need to complete a Spring 2021 Housing application that will open Oct. 1, 2020.  A student who is here for fall will not have to re-apply for the spring. We will certainly post more information as we progress through the semester to inform the student community on the status of housing and dining for the spring.

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  • Housing - What happens if I have a housing scholarship?

    Housing scholarships are only applied to the cost of your housing charges. A student not living in the residence halls would not receive the scholarship for the fall semester as there would not be any housing charges. If we are able to house students for the spring semester, dependent upon the fluid COVID-19 situation and various government mandates, students living in the Villages would still receive that semester’s portion of the award. So, for example, if a student is awarded $1,000 for fall 2020 and $1,000 for spring 2021, they would still receive the $1,000 for spring 2021. Also, students would not receive any of the awarded housing scholarship as a “refund” if a student withdraws or the University needs to close due to a COVID outbreak. Additionally, students cannot sum the total award and apply it for the spring. So a $1,000 fall + $1,000 spring awarding cannot be applied as $2,000 for the spring.

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  • Housing - Can I still live on campus for the fall if I have changed my mind?

    Yes - students can still sign up for housing by logging into their MAX account and following these menu choices: Student Services >> Housing and Dining >> MyHousing >> Applications >> Fall 2020 Application.

    We ask that students check their MU email account regularly for any important information sent from Housing & Residential Programs. Students and parents can also refer to the @villehousing Twitter account and Millersville Fall 2020 Webpage for more information about the Fall 2020 semester.

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  • Housing - What happens if there is an outbreak and the residence halls need to close during the semester?

    Should the need occur to evacuate campus, the Department of Housing & Residential Programs, with the assistance of University Communications & Marketing, will inform students of the closure of the residence halls. Students will need to fully vacate the residence halls by fully moving out with all their belongings. Students will be able to “express check out” by placing their key in a provided envelope and drop it in a locked box in each of the residence hall front desk areas. This eliminates the need of a staff member having to physically check a student out of their room.

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  • General - Will I need to wear a mask in class and around campus?

    Yes. The university is requiring all students, faculty, and staff to wear masks while in public spaces, both indoors and out of doors. Your professors will have the right to ask you to leave class if you are not wearing a mask.

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  • General - What if I don’t have a mask?

    All students will be provided with a mask. It will be your responsibility to have it with you at all times when on campus.

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  • Health Services - Will Millersville have a place to isolate and/or quarantine students?

    Health Services is partnering with Housing & Residential Programs to establish quarantine and isolation protocols.  Any student living on campus who tests positive for COVID-19 will be isolated in a separate dorm located on campus.  HARP employees and Health Services will check-in with the student to ensure health, counseling, nutritional and academic needs are met.

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  • Health Services - Will the University test all students?

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American College Health Association (ACHA) do not currently recommend entry testing of all students. Current recommendations are for testing of symptomatic individuals or those who have had close contact with a confirmed positive individual. 

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