In-Service Conference on the Teaching of World Languages

McComsey Hall, Millersville University, Saturday, September 22, 8:15 to 1:45

Keys to Communication: Lessons and Strategies to Connect the 5 Cs

Because confidence and proficiency in interpersonal communication are foundational in learning another language, it is an essential element in the world language classroom.Yet, authentic communication is a social and natural activity that cannot be forced. Given this reality, how can teachers create an environment that promotes this type of interaction?   

Join us at the Fall In-Service Conference co-sponsored by the Language and Culture Studies department at Millersville University and by the Association of World Language Educators to learn new ways to encourage, assess, and improve interpersonal communication. Walk away with ideas to engage your students in activities that connect communication to the other ACTFL world language standards.

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Past Conferences

The In-Service Conference has been hosted by MU for over forty years. Click Here for information about past conferences.