Intercultural Center for Student Engagement


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Welcome to the Dr. Rita Smith-Wade-El Intercultural Center! 

Creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive campus at Millersville University is about recognizing, accepting and celebrating differences within our campus and surrounding community.

We aim to provide students opportunities to explore their multiple identities and learn about the background and experiences of others. Together, we hope to create a culture of inclusion, equity and a sense of belonging here on campus and beyond.

Our office offers an array of programs, discussions, workshops, social events, and resources to spark self-discovery.


Why Intercultural?


Intercultural is defined as the relationships that take place between cultures. Intercultural denotes that people from different cultural groups have a mutual interest to interact with one another, learn, and grow together. 


At the Intercultural Center, we want to encourage students to critically evaluate the meaning of this word and its definition. Intercultural is not just an event relating to various cultures; it is the act of people getting together to learn about, experience, and appreciate the different cultures that make up their communities. At the intercultural center, we strive to create an environment that is not only accepting of all cultures and identities, but encourages individuals to embrace their cultural identities and educate their peers on the importance of their cultural values. We work diligently to promote the importance of cultural education and community involvement to ensure that  all students feel their identities are respected, and they are free to learn about new cultures and identities.