Trans at MU

The Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El Intercultural Center works diligently to ensure that all students feel included and appreciated. The Center has partnered with Title IX and Housing to make this dream a reality for all students.

  • Preferred Name Policy

    Millersville University recognizes that many members of its community use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves. For some students and employees, a chosen or preferred name may be an important component of their identity. In support of the University's diversity to inclusion initiative to provide a safe and equitable experience for all, Millersville University accepts requests to use preferred names on certain University records and systems, where feasible.

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  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    Millersville University is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. There are single use bathrooms in many different buildings on campus.


  • Inclusive Housing

    The Department of University Housing and Conference Services is committed to designing and maintaining a supportive community environment that enhances the development of our residential students. At Millersville University, we are proud to offer gender -inclusive housing for students who identify as transgender and are more comfortable living with another sex or gender, or do not prescribe to gender classifications. 

    For questions or to discuss housing assignments, please contact University Housing and Conference Services at or 717-871-4200