Affinity Graduations

Celebrate your identity and your accomplishments by participating in an Affinity Graduation hosted by the Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El Intercultural Center

Graduating Students of Color (GSOC)

GSOC Spring 2020

 Every semester, the Graduating Students of Color(GSOC) Recognition Ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of domestic and international students of color at MU. 

The recognition ceremony allows graduates to celebrate their accomplishments with family, friends, faculty, staff and administrators in an intimate cultural ceremony. 

The ceremony is sponsored by:

  • Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
  • Division of Finance and Administration
  • Office of the Provost
  • Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El Intercultural Center
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Office of the Vice President for Advancement
  • Office of Student Success Programs
  • Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union(PSECU)
  • President's Commission on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion
  • Millersville University Alumni Association
  • Student Services, Inc.

Rainbow Graduation


 In Spring 2018, the university hosted its inaugural Rainbow Graduation. 

The Intercultural Center, with the President's Commission on Gender and Sexuality Diversity(PCGSD) is proud to sponsor Rainbow Graduation, honoring and celebrating LGBTQ+ students. This festive and intimate end-of-the-year celebration will provide personal recognition for the achievements of underrepresented sexual and/or gender identity(ies) at the MU.

What is the Rainbow Graduation Celebration?

Sometimes referred to as Lavender Graduation, Rainbow Graduation is a ceremony conducted to celebrate the achievements of any graduating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and asexual student. Dr. Ronni Sanlo designed and implemented the very first Rainbow/Lavender Graduation at the University of Michigan in 1995 after being denied the right to participate in her children’s graduation ceremonies due to her sexual orientation. MU Rainbow Graduation Celebration is… An event for you to invite your family, close friends, and those most important to you and an opportunity to honor YOU and all you have accomplished while at MU.