Information for Faculty

Letters to Professors

Prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters, the Office of Learning Services (OLS) will send professor’s letters to faculty to help them plan for students with disabilities in their classrooms. Note: professors letters are provided for Winter and Summer sessions by request only. If a letter is received for a student who is no longer in the course, the letter should be shredded to protect confidentiality.

Professors' letters are confidential and indicate eligible accommodations for individual students. All eligible accommodations are listed on the professor’s letters; students may choose not to use all accommodations in all classes. Students should work with the professor when they choose to use an accommodation in a class. In some cases, no action will be required on the part of the professor.

For students eligible to have a note-taker and who request one from the professor, we ask faculty to solicit one student to take notes for one student requiring a note-taker. Most students will not use a note-taker for every course. Please send the student note-taker to the Office of Learning Services at 352 Lyle Hall to sign up for payroll and to receive a supply of NCR paper for note-taking. The student note-taker must know the name of the student who will receive the notes. Please do not give the student's confidential letter of accommodations to the note-taker.

For questions or assistance with professors' letters, please contact the OLS at 717-871-5554 or by e-mail at

Testing Accommodation Request Form (Green Sheet)

Some students with disabilities are eligible for out-of-class and distraction-free testing accommodations. For professors who are unable to provide those testing accommodations, they may choose to have their students tested in the Office of Learning Services. The Office of Learning Services (OLS) requires students with disabilities who desire to use this accommodation to present their professors with a Testing Accommodation Request Form indicating the date and time of their exam and what materials, if any, they are permitted to use during testing such as notes, calculators, books, etc.

Faculty are not required to provide out-of-class testing for students who do not request the use of this accommodation, nor are faculty required to re-test a student who did not present an out-of-class testing form prior to completing an exam. Faculty are asked to pay special attention to the reverse side of the Testing Accommodation Form (green sheet). All four (4) sections must be completed and a normal test length time must be entered. The form must be signed by the professor. If the section pertaining to the administration of the test is left blank, the student will not be permitted any additional materials during testing. The OLS requires that students present the Test Accommodation Request form no less than three (3) business days prior to the requested test date to allow for room scheduling. For final exams, students are required to submit the Test Accommodation Request form no less than ten (10) business days prior to the requested test date to allow for room scheduling.

For questions or assistance with Testing Accommodation Request forms (green sheets), please contact the OLS at 717-871-5554 or by e-mail at

Anne Taylor of the NFB Recognizes D2L for its Commitment to Accessibility

Syllabus Statement

Faculty may choose to note the following statement on their syllabus that informs students about accommodations:

“Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Office of Learning Services at 352 Lyle Hall (717-871-5554) as soon as possible to enhance the likelihood that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.”