General Information

General Information

Millersville University is committed to making its educational programs and facilities available to persons with disabilities; reflecting the expanding opportunities offered by institutions of higher education, businesses, government agencies, and corporations that are opening positions in many career fields to people with disabilities. Millersville University is committed to sharing society's responsibility to provide a campus climate and educational experiences that promote successful career options and increase life choices.

The Office of Learning Services also coordinates tutoring services for the Schools of Humanities & Social Sciences, Scienc & Math and select departments in the School of Education. Click on the following link for more information about the Tutoring Center.

Temporary Accommodations and Services

Students who have a temporary disabling condition that may warrant assistance from the Office of Learning Services are encouraged to contact the office. Services are provided only during the period of time in which the individual is considered functionally limited. Documentation for temporary conditions is the same for permanent disabling conditions and a request for services must be completed and submitted to the Office of Learning Services.

Please note: The Office of Learning Services does not provide services that are considered personal in nature (for example: typing, personal attendants, personal mobility equipment, personal equipment to complete homework or reading/writing assignments - see Assistive Technology Lab to use our equipment, or transportation, etc.). Campus Shuttle schedules can be accessed by calling the Student Memorial Center Information Desk at 717/871-4636.

Release of Information

The Office of Learning Services maintains strict confidentiality for student documentation. Students who wish to have their documentation sent to other universities, medical practitioners, etc. must request so directly with the Office of Learning Services. Students will be required to provide identification to complete a release of information in person at the Office of Learning Services. For questions, please contact 717/871-5554.