Resource Library

Resource Library

The Resource Library is a detailed list of resources available in computer, print, video, CD, and audio.

Computer Resources

The Thinker's Guides to Improve Critical Thinking Summaries (New)!
18 Guides to Improve Critical Thinking for Post-secondary Students
Foundation for Critical Thinking

Rationale (New)!
Computer Argument Mapping Program to Improve Critical Thinking
Austlink - Dr. Tim van Gelder

Print Materials

The Thinker's Guides to Improve Critical Thinking (New)!
18 Guides to Improve Critical Thinking for Post-secondary Students
Foundation for Critical Thinking

Learning to Learn - Thinking Skills for the 21st Century (New)!
Author: Dr. Marcia Heinman

A Mind at a Time (New)!
America's Top Learning Expert Shows How Every Child Can Succeed
Author: Dr. Mel Levine

The Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors
P01 | SB
Leigh Ryan. Includes suggestions for tutoring with skill and confidence in the writing center, advice on professional/ethical manner, how computers affect the tutoring process, students with varied backgrounds and learning styles, and coping with difficult tutoring situations. Includes exercises to practice new skills.

Teaching One-to-One: The Writing Conference
P02 | SB
Muriel Harris. National Council of Teachers of English.

ADHD and the Nature of Self-Control
P03 | SB
Russell A. Barkley. Synthesis of facts/concepts about ADHD. Focuses on how the failure of hyperactive children and adults to inhibit their behavior has major and useful implications for diagnosis and treatment.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (in adults and children): The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies
P04 | SB
C. Keith Conners & Juliet L. Jett. Readable, up-to-date book provides essentials for professionals as well as patients and their families. Recognition and treatment of ADHD at each phase of the life cycle, preschool through adulthood.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment
P05 | KB
Russell A. Barkley. Thorough, comprehensive, and scholarly analysis of the current state of knowledge about ADHD. Complete discussion of recent scientific progress in understanding the biological basis and developmental course of ADHD. Guidelines for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning. (See associated workbook coded P06)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Clinical Workbook
P06 | SB
Accompanies the book coded P05. Includes reports from leading scientist-practitioners on various areas of expertise. Also includes latest findings on the nature, diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of ADHD.

The Solution: Look Inside The Tutor's Guide
P07 | SB
Accompanies the VHS series The Tutor's Guide.

Diabetes Brochures and Pamphlets
P08 | LS
General information on all types of diabetes. Pamphlets, brochures, and other printed material.

VHS/Video Resources

Diagnosis Through Observation and Tutoring Learning Skills
V01 | LS
Non-professional recording. Recorded from:

A Tutor's Workshop: Students with Learning Disabilities
V02 | LS
GPN, Lincoln, NE. | 1:00:34

The Tutor's Guide:
Introduction to Tutoring (00:14:09); The First Session (00:11:53); The Tutorial Plan (00:11:01); Diagnosis and Socratic Method (00:14:11)
V03 |LS
GPN, Lincoln, NE.

The Tutor's Guide:
Bridging Cultural Gaps (); Physical Sciences (00:13:21); Social Sciences (00:15:43); Humanities (00:11:51)
V04 | LS
GPN, Lincoln, NE.

Landmark College Speaks For Itself
V05 | LS
Info on Landmark College which has a comprehensive program for students of average-superior intelligence w/dyslexia, ADHD or learning disabilities.

When the Chips are Down (01:02:00)
V06 | LS
PBS Video. Learning Disabilities & Discipline with Richard Lavoie. Strategies for improving behavior. Nationally known expert on learning disabilities offers advice on behavior problems & preventive discipline.

How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop (01:10:00)
V07 | LS
PBS Video. Understanding Learning Disabilities, presented by Richard Lavoie. Nationally known expert on learning disabilities shows why the classroom can be an intimidating place for children with LD.

Learning Disabilities and Social Skills: Last one picked . . . First one picked on (01:08:00)
V08 | LS
PBS Video. Richard Lavoie. Nationally known expert on learning disabilities addresses social problems faced by children with LD. Offers practical advice for teachers.

Sensory Challenges and Answers
V09 | LS
Dr. Temple Grandin. A noted high-functioning autistic individual, active speaker, & author, Dr. Grandin discusses the sensory problems people with autism may face & provides ideas on how to face these challenges. Guides parents & professionals in helping those with autism/PDD/ Asperger's..

Visual Thinking of a Person with Autism
V10 | LS
Dr. Temple Grandin. A noted high-functioning autistic individual, active speaker, & author, Dr. Grandin describes the way she & many others with autism "think in pictures" & how to adjust for this specific learning style.

Asperger's Syndrome: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals (2 video set) (03:00:00)
V11 | LS
Dr. Tony Attwood. A Clinical Psychologist specializing in autism from profoundly disabled to highly functioning. Presentation on Asperger's Syndrome - diagnosis & support.

A New Look at ADHD: Inhibition, Time, and Self-Control (00:39:00)
V12 | LS
Dr. Russell A. Barkley. Accessible introduction to Barkley's influential theory of the nature & origin of ADHD. A companion manual reviews & amplifies key ideas & contains helpful suggestions for further reading. The package also includes a leader's guide.

Taking Notes (00:30:00)
V13 | LS
Insight Media, 1999.

Critical Thinking: How to Evaluate Information and Draw Conclusions
V14 | LS
Center for Humanities program to guide students toward reaching good conclusions through rational analysis of facts. ... Defines and discusses "verbal maps" as the way we interact with reality by using words to forms pictures of our world. Offers a logical method of organizing information that can simplify complex decisions.

The Tutor's Guide: Sections 1-4
01: Introduction to Tutoring (00:14:09); 02: The First Session (00:11:53); 03: The Tutorial Plan (00:11:01); 04: Diag. & Socratic Method (00:14:11)
Item # P07
V15 | SB

The Tutor's Guide: Sections 5-8
05: Diag. Thru Observation (00:13:20); 06: Tutoring Learning Skills (00:14:49); 07: Managing Group Tutorials (00:11:59); 08: The Tutor as Counselor (00:11:45)
Item # P07
V16 | SB

The Tutor's Guide: Sections 9-12
09: Bridging Cultural Gaps (00:14:29); 10: Physical Sciences (00:13:21); 11: Social Sciences (00:15:43); 12: Humanities (00:11:51)
Item # P07
V17 | SB

The Tutor's Guide: Sections 13-14
13: The Writing Process (00:14:19); 14: Tutoring ESL (00:13:13)
Item # P07
V18 | SB

CD/Compact Disc Materials

Study Skills for Success
C01 | LS
Instructivision, Inc. Computer Program on CD. Comprehensive computer study skills software teaches study habits necessary for academic success.

All Write!
C02 | LS
McGraw-Hill Higher Ed. Version 2 of grammar & usage writing software. Tutorial features, practice questions, & tests to measure skills & gauge progress. Has English as a Second Language (ESL) support & online style guide. (CD is in the back of the printed User's Guide.)

Math: Middle School (Mind Power)
C03 | LS
The Learning Company. Grades 6-9. Basic Math, Fractions, Decimals, Geometry, Statistics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra.

Math: High School (Mind Power)
C04 | LS
The Learning Company. Ages 13-Adult. Math Review, Algebra 1, Statistics, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus.

Audio Cassette Tape Materials

A Sand County Almanac (2 Audio cassettes) (03:00:00)
T01 | LS
Aldo Leopold. Told with poetry, this audio magically takes us on a journey into nature. You'll experience the history of a region along the Wisconsin River.