New Background Clearance Requirement for Note-takers

Information for Prospective Note-takers

Prospective note-takers who have never worked for the Office of Learning Services or anywhere at Millersville University are required by Student Payroll to obtain background clearances in order to work with fellow students. Background clearance information may be obtained by going to . On the left, click on Payroll Services.  Then click on Student Payroll Services. In the area with the blue $, click on Background Clearance Instructions.  Click on "Open With." The instructions are detailed and will be the most current available.

Prospective note-takers are required to come to the Office of Learning Services at 352 Lyle Hall to obtain a completed Request to Hire Form and a copy of eligibility documents to take to Student Payroll. Once prospective note-takers have proof they have been placed on student payroll, they should return to the Office of Learning Services with that proof after which they can be hired as note-takers. Again, this only applies to new hires.