History - Graduate Program

Degree: M.A.

Prepare for a future career in the humanities by learning to appreciate the past through Millersville University's graduate-level History program.

Why Study This Program?

Learn from the past and prepare for the future with Millersville University's graduate-level History program. The passionate historians that serve as the instructors of this program encourage students to critically examine the values and institutions of current culture by exposing them to alternatives found in cultures of the past. Students are taught to think historically, learn how to evaluate evidence critically, understand and apply theories of causation, and develop interpretations to explain aspects of the past.

Due to MU's goal of aiding students in achieving their professional aspirations, flexibility is key in the History program. Students can tailor the program to encompass all of their interests at a pace that complements their busy schedules. Courses are offered in the evening during the regular school year and during the day in the summer. The program is designed to appeal to both teaching professionals who want advanced study in the teaching of history and students who wish to prepare for continuing graduate study in history.

Graduates of this program receive a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in History.

What Will You Learn?

The graduate-level History curriculum offers advanced training in the history of various regions and time periods. Expert faculty members guide students through courses about United States, European and world history, as well as specialized courses that focus on specific moments in time. Coursework is also designed to foster effective writers and communicators who are equipped to develop and utilize critical analysis skills, to research, to interact in a diverse world and to value intellectual curiosity.