Latina(o) Studies Minor

Degree: Minor

Explore about Latina/o experiences, cultures and contributions in the United States with Millersville University's Latina/o Studies minor.

Why Study This Program?

The Latina/o Studies minor aims to teach undergraduate students about Latina/o experiences, cultures and contributions to the United States. Addressing regional workforce needs and strengthening the commitment to cultural diversity within the University academic community, students are exposed to issues, theories and research about U.S. Latinas/os through a variety of disciplines.

Upon completion of the Latina/o Studies minor, students will demonstrate familiarity with the language, cultures, histories and socioeconomic experiences of this rapidly growing population in the United States. Graduates with this minor will be more valuable and effective employees as they participate in an increasingly diverse workplace.

What Will You Learn?

This 18-credit minor has two required and four elective courses. Students are required to take Introduction to Latina/o Studies as well as choose one of the following: a Senior Seminar, Internship or Independent Study. The four electives are chosen from a variety of disciplines including Spanish, History, Anthropology and Education. In addition, students engage in service learning with Latina/o organizations as well as complete an academic research project that prepares them for graduate school or the workforce.