Degree: B.A.

With every existing subject rooted in philosophy, a degree in this program will prepare you for a variety of different fields ranging from law and politics to business or a literary profession.

Why Study This Program?

A Philosophy degree from Millersville University will provide students with a strong grounding in the history of philosophy as well as training in philosophical analysis and writing. Such training is one of the best ways to develop critical thinking and communicative skills applicable to many professional fields.

While some philosophy majors go on to graduate studies in philosophy itself, the major is also excellent preparation for a wide variety of life and career paths, including law, theology, business, cognitive science, literary professions, politics and public advocacy. Get a head start on your path, no matter what it is, with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. 

A minor in Philosophy is also available to students. 

“After graduating with his bachelor’s in philosophy and working in the mental-health field, Adam earned a Master’s of Science degree in cognitive science from New Bulgarian University. He is now a doctoral student at the University of Rochester, where he is studying the neural mechanisms of sensory integration.”

- Adam Danz | 2002

What Will You Learn?

The B.A. in Philosophy includes a foundation of courses in Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Philosophical Classics and a senior capstone. Other elective areas of study include Asian Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy and many others.