Writing Studies - Online Degree Completion Program

Degree: B.A.

Writing expertise enhances the impact you make in your profession!  A focus on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication creates value for your employer and positions you to advance in your career.   

Why Study This Program?

The Online Degree Completion program in Writing Studies exposes you to professional writing opportunities, practical communication challenges, and critical examinations that shape public and political culture.

The Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Writing Studies positions you to work in variety of career fields based on broad exposure to writing styles, career-based expectations, and the use of tone to effectively communicate ideas.

What Will You Learn?

As a student focusing on Writing Studies, you will develop professional skills, enhance creativity, and focus communication with proven rhetorical strategies. You will learn to move audiences with your words.

The rhetorical approach we take positions the study writing as strategic, purposeful, and adaptable. The skills you learn in one class transfer to the others and to a variety of professional writing situations.

Below are some of the areas that will enable you to expand your skill sets:

  • Technical writing – Gain the skills to effectively adapt technical expertise to real-world users in software documentation, instructional guides, grant proposals and more.
  • Professional writing – Enhance your ability to design texts like cost/ benefit analyses, financial reports, and internal and external communication for organizations.
  • Science Writing – Communicate the importance of scientific research to audiences ranging from specialists to policymakers to enthusiasts and beyond. You may need to utilize scientific writing to advance a concept or initiative for your employer. 
  • New Media – Reach audiences in new and powerful ways using new methods of communication like Web Content, Twitter, blogs and future technology.
  • Creative writing – Creativity in your writing will be interwoven throughout different courses to show you how to use the written word to compel readers.