General Education Reform And Implementation


During the 2021-2023 academic years Millersville University undertook a program review of its general educational curriculum. This included a self-study report (completed fall 2021), an external review process (completed spring 2022), and an assessment of the current general education learning outcomes (completed spring 2022). A task force of faculty and administration was charged with taking this information and developing potential general education model(s) with outcomes-based learning goals to be shared with the university during the fall 2022 semester. Two models were presented (The Gateway Model and The Journey Model) and revised during the Fall 2022 semester with extensive feedback from faculty and students. The two models were included with the current general education program for a vote by the faculty on how to move forward. The initial vote has The Gateway Model and The Journey Model getting the most votes but neither over 50%. In a second round of voting The Gateway Model was selected in the Spring 2023 semester. During the Summer 2023 two task forces will draft out student learning outcomes and processes and procedures for how to move forward with the implementation of the Gateway Model starting in the Fall 2024 semester. The First Year Seminar Task Force will focus on the First Year Seminar and the General Education Implementation Task Force will focus on the other focus areas. The initial drafts recommendations from these two task forces will be shared with the faculty in the Fall 2023 semester for feedback and finalization of a formal implementation plan.