Purchasing Card Information

General Purchasing Card Information and Forms

To activate your new card:  Call the phone number on the sticker affixed to your card, follow the instructions as prompted.  If you have problems with this procedure email purchasing@millersville.edu

Statements can be found through BOA's Global Access.  Note; a separate login and PW is required.  Cardholders must reconcile (upload receipt, allocate and sign off) transactions in the Works program each month.  This MUST be completed by the 7th of the month following the charge.  Any allocation changes after the 7th of the month following will need to be done via Budget transfer form found on the Budget Office web site.  If you have problems with this procedure call x4185 for one-on-one training (about 10 - 15 minutes).

REMINDER:  Purchases may not include tax. Board of Govnernors Policy for public use of funds must be followed.  Refer to the Expenditures of Public Funds document.  Any purchases made that are not within the guidelines will need to be reimbursed by the Cardholder.

Contact Kathy Fulmer for assistance at 717-871-4185