Risk Management

Millersville University Risk Management

If a student, staff member, or visitor suffers loss or damage to personal property, or personal injury, while on campus this should be reported immediately to the Director of Safety & Environmental Health, at Dilworth Building, extension 7066.

  • In case of accident involving motor vehicles or possible criminal activity, University Police should be contacted at extension 4357.
  • In any case, complete details with description of the incident should be noted, including time of day, conditions, witnesses, contact phone numbers, etc. 
  • Police Reports, Injury Reports, Student Property Damage forms and all other documentation should be provided to the Safety & Environmental Health Office.

The Director of Safety & Environmental Health will take appropriate action to determine how any claim for damages should proceed. Depending on the nature of the incident, University legal counsel or the Commonwealth Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management may be consulted.

Students residing in MU residence halls are encouraged to read the "Living on Campus" magazine published by the Housing Office. That publication notes that:

"The University is not responsible in any way for the damage, loss, or theft of your personal property or that of your guests, including losses attributable to vandalism. This responsibility must be borne entirely by the student. Many times, homeowner's insurance covers such circumstances. If not, we recommend that the student purchase rental insurance to cover their belongings.

Losses or suspected thefts should be reported to a staff member, and to the Millersville University Police Department . Students are strongly discouraged from keeping large sums of money in their rooms and from discussing the value of their possessions with others."

Nevertheless, should damage occur that the student feels may be the responsibility of the University, he/she should complete the "Student Property Damage Form", obtain the required signatures, and submit the form to the Procurement Director for consideration.

Student Property Damages Form (PDF)