I Don't Know What To Do

I Don't Know What To Do

If you are not sure what to do, and are a victim of sexual violence its ok.  You are the only person who can decide what is best for you.   Below are resources and information to help you make the best decisions for you.

Contact someone who you know and trust that can support you. If you are concerned about your safety call 9-1-1.

Create a safety plan 

PA Says No More created a College Student Safety Guide  to help you to plan for your safety on campus, in dorms, classes, parking, childcare, and social media, as well as to showcase resources designed for you.

It was NOT your fault

You did nothing to deserve or "cause" another person to do this to you.  

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness

Don't be afraid to ask for help whether the incident happened today, last week, last year or longer. There are caring and concerned individuals on campus to help support you. 

You may want to report what happened to you to the police.

This decision is up to you.  

Timely medical attention is crucial to obtain evidence in criminal or civil procedures.  It is important to preserve evidence.

  • Do not eat, smoke, comb your hair, shower, urinate, defecate, or douche as these behaviors can damage evidence.
  • If you do change your clothes, put all clothing you were wearing at the time of the attack in a paper, not plastic bag.
  • Lancaster General Health can provide a safe exam for you (717) 544-5511.   
  • You can receive health care (pregnancy test, medication to prevent infections) at any facility.  You can receive confidential health care through University Health Services, Witmer Building: 717-871-5250.
  • University Police can transport you to the hospital and contact the YWCA so that a sexual assault advocate is available to meet you at the hospital.

Practice self-care

It is normal to feel traumatized physically and emotionally after an incident.  Consider seeking support from a confidential counselor at the Counseling Center on campus (717-871-7821) or speaking to an advocate at the YWCA or DVS. The YWCA and DVS are confidential resources located in the Montour House. The YWCA is in the Montour House on Mondays from 10am-6pm and students can call 717-871-4141 or e-mail dharvey@ywcalancaster.org to schedule an appointment. DVS is in the Montour House on Tuesdays from 1-5pm and students can call 717-871-4141 or e-mail MUAdvocate@dvslanc.org to schedule and appointment. 

There is no “right” way

Surround yourself with people who will support you, and know that there are always options for you to choose. Always, take time for yourself. If you do not choose to report the attack that day, know that when you choose to do so the services on this page will be provided to help you.