Safety Tips

Safety Tips

While sexual violence is never the victim survivors fault and sexual violence is often perpetrated by someone the victim survivor knows, it is important to know the safety resources that are available within our campus community.


Millersville University has a free livesafe app for students to download. LiveSafe is a mobile safety system utilizing the latest smartphone technology.

With this application, it empowers students to take more ownership in their campus’ safety by turning their smartphones into powerful personal safety tools, increasing communication between students and university police officers, and becoming more aware of safety issues. It facilitates discreet and risk-free bystander intervention.

Click here for more information on the live safe app.

Emergency Phones - Blue Light Phones

Millersville University has blue light phones located around campus to keep students safe. If a student found themselves in a dangerous situation the blue boxes are available for students to utilize.

Click here for map of emergency blue light phones.

Police Escort Service

Millersville University police offers a late-night escort service for students. Dial 911 for and emergency or contact them at 717-871-4357. MUPD website offers more information on how they keep the university safe.