Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tutoring cost?

Nothing! Just come to the Tutoring Center at 355 Lyle Hall and fill out a Tutor Request form.

How often can I receive tutoring?

Students are able to attend available group sessions that generally provide 6 hours of tutoring availability per week depending on the department. Individual tutoring is more limited and may be held to one hour per week depending on availability. Contact the Tutoring Center for more information.

I need a job. How can I become a tutor?

Come visit us at the Tutoring Office and fill out an application. Remember, you must have received a B+ or better in a course to tutor! Don't forget to ask about our Tutor Training Sessions!

If I try Group Tutoring and it doesn't work out for me, can I still get an individual Tutor?

Individual tutoring is more limited in availability, but we'll try our best to address your needs. Contact us at the Tutoring Center.

Where is the Tutoring Center?

Lyle Hall Room 355. You may also call us at 717-871-7222 or e-mail us at TutoringCenter@millersville.edu.

When and where do I meet with my individual tutor?

Meetings will take place in a public location on campus. Meetings are mutually agreed upon by the tutor and tutee.

What about Group Tutoring?

Group Tutoring is available through individual departments and in the Library, Room 117. Please click on Drop-in Group/Individual Tutoring on the Index to open the schedule.